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He’s Back!

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Stephen’s plane landed at Sea-Tac at about 6:20 this evening. Here are some pictures:

Here is Stephen with Chase (left) and Cody (right) two of his friends who had finished their missions earlier this year:

Stephen’s brother Andy didn’t go to the airport (due to some confusion about a piano lesson), so they had a good reunion at home:

Stephen will be officially released from his calling as an Elder tomorrow morning, and will be a “civilian” once again.

– Jeff;


Email Received December 20, 2006

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Email Received December 13, 2006

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14 Days to Go

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I can’t believe that we are now just 14 days away from Stephen’s return. He’ll be arriving at Sea-Tac on the evening of the 21st. Later that evening he will deliver a report on his mission to our local Stake President, and then he will be officially released as a missionary. At that point he’ll be a “civilian” once again. He will deliver his misson report to our ward on Sunday, December 24th. He will resume his education at the University of Washington on the 3rd of January.

– Jeff;

Email Received December 6, 2006

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Email Received November 22, 2006 - I’ll Be Home For Christmas!

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Without much fanfare, Stephen tells us that he’ll be back from his mission on the 21st of December! We are so happy to know that he’ll be home for Christmas. I have updated the countdown clock, and as I type this it means that he’ll be back in just 24 days.

– Jeff;


Email Received November 15, 2006

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49 Days To Go - Send Stephen A Letter

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Per the countdown clock on this blog, Stephen has just 49 days to go. He’ll be coming home on the morning of January 2nd and starting at the University of Washington as a Junior less than 24 hours later. This will undoubtedly be a rough and somewhat abrupt transition, but we’ll be standing by to help him acclimatize to life as a “civilian.”

We are planning to hold his Christmas presents at home since he’ll probably have more than enough to carry with him when he returns.

In the meantime please feel free to send him a letter or an email.

– Jeff;


Email Received November 8, 2006

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Email Received November 2, 2006

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Email Received October 25, 2006

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Email Received October 18, 2006

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Email Received October 11, 2006

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Now that Stephen is sending individual emails, I will post selected parts of what he sends me.


Emailing Elder Barr

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Last week Stephen told us that he can now receive individual emails from family and friends. This is a great time-saver for me – I no longer have to remind everyone to send their messages to me, aggregate them into a single message, and so forth. Without fail I would always end up writing my own message well after 11 PM on Tuesday night. Given that I usually get up at 4:50 or 5 AM, this was not the best time to have to do all of this tedious work.

If any of Stephen’s friends, extended family members, or regular readers of this blog would like to email him, please send me an email ( and I will give you his address. If you don’t think I will know who you are are, send me a quick intro. Stephen is in need of thoughtful and encouraging messages so detractors and nay-sayers need not apply.

– Jeff;

Email Received October 4, 2006

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Email Received September 27, 2006

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Email Received September 20, 2006

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Email Received September 13, 2006

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Email Received September 6, 2006

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